Riya Escorts Agency for enticing water sports

If we’re talking role-play staples, I make a convincing naughty schoolgirl, saucy secretary, pouting housemaid, terrifying headmistress, submissive slave or fearsome boss. If you fancy something more unusual, just say the word. Sex robots are my latest role play fascination.

With BDSM, I prefer to gradually build up a repertoire as we get to know each other, adding in activities as we both feel comfortable. On a first session, verbal control, hair-pulling, spanking and paddling are great. I’m happy to offer watersports but not hardsports. My tastes run to light BDSM (I’m never up for CP that leaves long-lasting marks on the body).

If you have something in mind, please get in touch with Delhi Escorts and we can discuss it. I’m always happy to chat about a potential booking.

riya escorts agency