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Who said that sex can only be enjoyed two people at a time? A threesome also known as a Ménage à trois, is the latest trend in the art of love making; it’s when three people as opposed to the normal couple, engage in sexual congress. More and more people are becoming more open to new and adventurous sexual experiences. A threesome is more often between two males and a female or two Delhi escorts and one male.

Many couples in long term relationships who long for change tend to embrace threesomes to spice up their sex life. Also, young people are often engaging in threesomes just to add to the mystery and pleasure that comes with sex.

Although the idea of threesome may sound ridiculous to many, what most people do not know is that it has actually saved many relationships where the sex has been dull and monotonous. Reality is, it takes work to keep a long term relationship as exciting and this has worked for some couples.

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